Grocery & Pick-Your-Own Farms


Headquartered in Cincinnati, Kroger stores blanket the area and often include amenities such as in-store Starbucks locations, photo developing, in-store banks, gasoline stations and more. One store is just across the river from campus on I-471, in Newport. Another large Kroger is north on I-71, in Hyde Park Plaza. The 2nd largest Kroger in the nation is in Oakley Station, just behind Target and Meijer.  The closest location, at just over a mile away, is the University Plaza store. While large, it is not as extensive as the Newport or Oakley Station stores. There are other locations but they tend to be smaller. See site for weekly ads and other information. Note that a (free) shopper’s card is required for sale prices. Points from purchases can earn gasoline discounts. Coupons (up through 50 cents) are doubled. Get on their mailing list and you’ll receive coupons, some for free items, in the mail every month or so.

A low-cost supplier of mostly off-brand food items. Take your own bags or purchase them in store. Bring a (refundable) quarter for the cart. Newest, and closest, location is in Newport, just past Kroger and Fresh Thyme. Definitely the best overall food bargains nearby.
1301 Monmouth Street, Newport, KY 41071-2342

Fresh Thyme
82 Carothers Rd, Newport, KY 41071
A rapidly expanding new “whole foods” chain, Fresh Thyme has recently opened a location just across the river in Newport, near Kroger. They frequently have great deals on their loss leaders, produce, some bulk foods, and meats. Be sure to check out their double ad sale day on Wednesdays – both their sale ads that are ending and beginning are valid. No customer card needed.

A grocery and housewares store in one. Locations all over town, including one on Ridge Ave, 7 miles up 71N. Coupons (up through 50 cents) are doubled.

One nearby location is in Hyde Park Plaza. The site includes weekly-specials information. They have a perks club, but membership is not required for the sales.

Jungle Jim’s International Market
An amazing collection of grocery items from around the world, Jungle Jim’s covers multiple acres. Watch for the discount sections throughout the store — some quite good deals. (Map.) Jungle Jim’s now has a 2nd location on the opposite corner of the metro in the Eastgate area (not as dramatic as the original location). It’s more than a grocery store – it’s an experience! It makes for a fun family outing. 🙂

Findlay Market
A great source for local produce (especially early on Saturdays), fresh meat, baked goods, international foods, teas and spices.  Another great place for a family outing just about 5 minutes away. Also check out their restaurants and food vendors. Newsweek (6/6/19) recently named Findlay Market as one of the best food markets in the world!


Pick-Your-Own Farms and Produce Stands

TCC Berry Farm
Approximately 28 miles east of campus, TCC offers u-pick blackberries and raspberries in season. Plan to go early in the morning as they can get picked out fast.

A & M Orchard
Approximately 50 miles east of campus near Midland, Ohio, this orchard offers apples and pears for picking in the fall. They also have u-pick pumpkins, strawberries, and order in peaches and cherries at different times of the year. In the past, this orchard has had the best prices I’ve found for u-pick apples in this area.

Monnin’s Fruit Farm
Approximately 60 miles north of campus located on the north side of Dayton, Ohio. They offer u-pick apples and strawberries and other fruits and vegetables for purchase. Prices seem to be similar to A&M Orchard (above) but orchard is closer to “civilization”. 🙂

Bright Star Acres 
Approximately 30 miles south of campus located in Demossville, Kentucky. They offer u-pick blueberries.

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